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Brand Strategy

A well-executed branding strategy can help your website, socials & campaigns stand out in a competitive market and attract more customers.

Digital Marketing

A vast subject includes from social impressions to website ranking, from paid ad conversions to organic reach with niche-oriented content.

Content Strategy

From Strategizing Your Company's Content Calendar to Optimizing Use of Platforms for Maximum Reach along with Creating Niche Communities

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With our modern 360° approach to online marketing technologies, oriented towards creating automated channels, there’s never been a more comfortable way to market yourself. Join the movement and start to see your business grow 10x in a matter of months.

“The days of intimidating & confusing marketing Agencies are finally over!”

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“Digital Marketing used to scare me. But that all changed thanks to Allen! He made everything easy to understand and use!”

Ashish Raj Aggrawal,
Agnee Transmissions

“The best marketer I’ve worked with! Not only is he automated and made everything so simple, but he also has the best rates in the industry.”

Nikhil Agrawal,

“He’s fast, handles everything, and also teaches you along the way! Everything online can be overwhelming and Allen made everything so easy, it’s like talking to a friend who understands and delivers!”

Deepika Vashisht,

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I move content & campaigns from a value-adding brand perspective, as well as focusing on automating your long-term growth by resolving pre-existing issues and automating data reports and optimizing organic and paid traffic based on successful case studies, keyword research and market trends. So, your content is viewed and engaged by your exact target customer.

Connect with me, that way I can better guide you optimizing your ongoing campaigns.

I have a great small team which works on deliverables quite efficiently and economically along with world-class automations, which helps me acquire more clients and reduce margins for better serving my clients.

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Domain & Hosting

Content Management Software

SEO + Monthly Reports

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Blogs Strategy + Posts

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Website Development & Management

Funnel Building & Management

Ads Development & Management

Content Development & Management

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Create Awareness

Generate Interest

Get them Talking

Get them Buying

Keep them Coming

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Reels, Shorts, Tiktoks

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Awareness Stage


Social Media

SEO Services

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Interest Stage

Lead Gen & Magnets (Landing Pages, PDFs, Ads)

Emails (Welcomes, Targeted, Reminders, Conversions, Retargeting)

Engagement (Likes, Comments, Shares, Daily Stories, Updates)

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Consideration Stage

Content (Targeted Posts, Carousels, Short Form, Collaborations)

CRO (Landing Page Optimizations, Simple Checkouts, A/B Testing)

Ads (Repetitive variations, lookalike audiences, goal switching and content flipping)

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Conversion Action Stage

Offers & Promotions Management

Freemium Model Development

CRO (Ad, Content, Page, Web Optimizations, A/B testing)

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Loyalty & Retention Stage

Incentivizing Repeat Business (Points, Tiers, Gamifications)

Affiliate/Referrals (Program, Tracking, Base Material, Landing Pages)

CRM Integration (Zoho, Sheets, Leadsquared, Salesforce, Pabbly, Hubspot, etc.)

Marketing Automations (Repeat Relevant Content, Ads, Emails, Recommendation)

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